Delmarva Pet Garden

Recently established in 2022, our pet garden offers patrons a range of options for securing your pet’s ashes and memorializing them.

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Cremation Pillars at the Parsons Cemetery

Cremation Pillars

Cremation Pillars are small granite containers which are installed along the walkway.

They are available as singles or doubles.

Price includes engraving.

Cremation Vaults at the Parsons Cemetery

Cremation Vaults

Your pet’s ashes may be deposited in one of our two vaults:

Individual deposits are made in a vault and your pet’s ashes are enclosed in a velvet pouch.

Group deposits are deposits poured into a vault such that the ashes are co-mingled with others.

multiple memorial bricks with black writing

Memorial Bricks

Engraved walkway memorial bricks are available for purchase. Each brick may contain up to 3 lines, with a maximum of 10 characters per line.